Garbage man rescues six-week-old puppy video

This is a great heart warming story of a rescue of a 6 week old puppy!!  A local  Indiana garbage man  noticed a bit of strange  movement coming from inside one of the recycling bags he was about to throw into the back of the  trash  truck. Never  did he expect to find a teeny, tiny six-week-old puppy. The poor animal was discarded by his owner, who thought the dog was sick.

Luckily the quick thinking man  did the right thing . He immediately rescued the freezing dog, warmed him up in his truck, took him home and named him Garby. The puppy was so happy to be alive and well. Within a day, the gargbage man  and Garby quickly formed a close bond.

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Service Dogs Cuddling In Bed Cute Pet Video

Dogs are very  affectionate animals  always want to cuddle and like!  Especially  the Briard breed of dogs which are know for a heart of gold wrapped in fur.

Service dogs  a new puppy Bella and her dad  Aragorn were taking a break after attending an autism conference and decided to take a quick nap in the hotel room . The two dogs jumped right up on the bed and Aragorn wrapped his paw around puppy Bella.  Such a beautiful site

Briards  Breeds  have been used in a variety of service and therapy roles to help those with disabilities and comfort those in hospitals, schools and retirement communities. Briards are also being trained as Autism Service Dogs and PTSD Service Dogs for both adults and children. With their keen intelligence, tactile coat interaction, and loyalty, they make a huge difference in the quality of life for those with disabilities or in recovery.


Firefighters Rescue a Yorkie Puppy Trapped in a Sewer Drain Video

Buffalo Fire fighters in New York    saved a Yorkie Poodle puppy named Bailey   that fell into a sewage drain.

The puppy who was visiting their grandparents  fell about six feet down the drain, so the rescue workers    had to use an excavator to help get the puppy out of the ground. They’d tried to coax the puppy with treats, but to no avail. Instead, they had to dig a hole large enough for firefighters to grab Bailey. Their heroic rescue was all captured on camera and can be viewed in the video.

Doggie ID Personalized Pet Tag Giveaway

Dogs are furry family embers, and I know I would do whatever it takes to keep mine safe!  These are not your average dog tags.  They look like mini state driver’s licences, but for dogs.  Their website is very easy to use to create your dog’s tag, and they do all the designing for you.  You just pick your state, enter your dog’s name, and add your phone number and address if you like.  I put something in all the fields it offered, including the extra phone number, because if my dog gets lost I would want people to have a few ways to contact me

It has a lifetime guarantee, so if it somehow gets bent or scratched up they will replace it. Also it has a money-back return policy.

Weather resistant so you don’t have to worry about when your pup is splashing in puddles.
Manufactured and designed in the USA.
You can pay by credit card or paypal (I am always so irritated when businesses don’t take paypal!).
Tag size works for small or large breeds- it is 1.75”x 1.75”.
They look pretty stylish.


Ending on: 07/06/2015

One DoggieID Personalized Pet Tag that includes your pet’s photo and personal information. Sent in a cute gift bag with two ways to hang it from you pet’s collar.

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Sleep-Talking Boxer Dog is having a Funny Dream Video

While any dog lover won’t contest the claim that dogs dream when they’re sleeping, there’s been a significant amount of research done to get to the bottom of whether that claim holds merit!

Tyson is a 10-year-old rescued Boxer. He spends a good portion of his day laying on the couch, and in this case his  human  managed to capture something funny  Watch as Tyson enters thedream world. What would you guess he’s dreaming about? Is he barking… or laughing?

What on Earth is this dog dreaming about?