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Rocky the Dog rescued life on the streets

When this Rocky was rescued, she was afraid of people and didn’t want anyone to touch her. Rocky was  injured down in downtown Los Angeles . Rocky was covered with sores and had skin condition. He was very gentled but  tired and stressed from living life in the streets.

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See part two where Rocky is after being rescued is happy and feeling better.  He learns how to play with dog toys and more

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Stray Dog Find a New Home and Love Pet Video

Sassy was a stray  dog wouldn’t let anyone touch her — until  a trainer  sat patiently with her every day for 6 months. Now she can’t stop giving kisses.

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So happy to see her come out of her fear.  Adopting a dog is a great way to expand your family. Remember adopt dont shop.  See other great pet adoption videos and stories

Dakota Shih Tzu Mix Dog Pet Adoption Success

Forever Fido Rescue in Los Angles California recently shared the story of Dakota.  Dakota is a beautiful little Shih Tzu Mix we rescued from the euthanasia list at a high kill shelter. This is a video showing her incredible before and after!

Dakota was finally adopted by her foster mom but shared some pictures and updates along the way


Just look at our little teddy bear face, Dakota relaxing with her ball! We are so happy to see  13717460_1284442588262540_958922323686202802_othis sweet girl coming out of her shell. She is following her foster mama around the house and so happy to be getting love and attention for what we imagine is the first time in her life.  She’s just too cute for words and very easygoing. She loves everyone and is good with kids, cats and dogs.


13913777_1292113274162138_8442541312757836862_oCould this munchkin be any cuter??? Dakota is just looking happier and more beautiful by the day. This smile is now a constant and it makes us smile everyday knowing she went from being a raggedy mop that could barely stand to this muffin face that is full of life now! What a difference some time, love and patience can make. Dakota is still up for adoption, which we are truly baffled by. She is the sweetest little babe, gets along great with kids and other dogs and just wants to give all the love in the world.

Dakota and all of us at FFR want to say a HUGE MEGA THANK YOU to all that have played a 14330169_1336742306365901_1573344669100764528_npart in both helping Dakota get healthy and bringing her to her FOREVER HOME! Yes, you heard right; Dakota’s foster mom has decided that she just cannot do without this little nugget in her life and is adopting her – she was home all along! What a journey this special well deserving angel has had. She truly shows us what rescue is all about and why we do this very difficult and emotional work. Dakota is a shining example of bravery, forgiveness and resilience. To know how far she has come from her days in a high kill shelter, painfully matted and covered in her own feces to now being quite the little Instagram model and living the GOOD life with her new pack

Look at local shelters for their pets if you are considetring adoption, we also add pet adoption events to our the dog calendar.

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Rescue Dog Finally Runs Again After an Unhappy Life in a Cage

It’s unreal to think that any person could actually be cruel to one of to a animal/ But unfortunately, there really are people out there who abuse their pets and animals.

Little Liszka is a beautiful Polish dog that was forced to grow up in terrible places. Since she was a little puppy, her abusive owner forced her to lie in a tiny rusty cage surrounded by her own droppings. For months   , she was  holed  up in this tiny cage and knew nothing of the outside world for so long.

While it’s terrible that her awful owners  abused her so horrifically, we can all be thankful that a group of rescuers happened to come across the poor animal begging for love. Her  owner  was so hostile  to the rescue team that they actually had to call the police for help.

Since then, baby puppy  Liszka has been surrounded by humans who actually know how to treat their animals with respect.   cCurrently   her legs are still in the process of healing, as she strengthens herself up and gets back to health, doctors are hopeful that she’ll be back to normal in no time! Meanwhile, her abusive owner  is facing some hefty animal abuse charges — justice will be served!

Liszka was actually horrified of all people  when she was first rescued, but when you look at her face nowadays? It almost seems like she’s laughing because she loves the feeling of the earth under her paws so much! For anyone who doesn’t believe that animals have emotions, you might want to watch this precious angel.



JJ the Therapy Dog at the Hospice Center

This beautiful video shows the power and compassion of a therapy dog at a hospice center in Oregon. “JJ” is comforting a woman who was dying, and who had no family.

Here are some stories about dogs visiting nursing homes and hospice providing “therapy”

Whether you believe it or not, your amazing grace is a therapy dog. Animals are very therapeutic. My dog baby stayed on the bed right next to my mom right to the end . I just was heartbroken when mom left our home that night, baby was so confused and went through quite a depression. I’d never witnessed an animal going through depression when a loved one passes til then, broke my heart.

My mom is in a nursing home in New Jersey. The “therapy” dogs come every Monday without fail to visit the residents. Their smiles are priceless!!! (And I bring my “Amazing Grace” with me. She’s not a therapy dig, but she brings smiles and happiness to my mom and other residents.)

When my Dad was in hospice I brought our dog (who he called his Grand-Dogger) to see him daily. He just lit up when he saw her. And no matter the pain or frustration of his day, she brought him such comfort. And she would snuggle right up on him and give him kisses. She knew he needed the extra love. She was with him right until the end

JJ  the Therapy Dog at the Hospice Center