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Missing Dog Reunited with Family after 2 years

Granite   State Dog recovery was able to reunite a dog with his  New Hampshire  family after 2 years on the run.  Dexter’s story is hard to believe, even for those who know him best.

“I was in tears, there’s no way,” said Dexter’s owner, Honi Drown. “I thought after two years, are you kidding?”
Back in 2014, Drown and her husband took their dogs Roxy and Dexter on vacation about an hour away from their    home.  The dog  Dexter took off and nobody could find him.

“I was out there for months looking for him,” Drown said. “For him to be gone was just devastating, like losing a child.”
Dexter is terrified of thunderstorms and hates the snow, so after two full winters, the Drown’s admit they had lost hope that Dexter was still alive.
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“I never thought we would see him again, never,” Drown said.
In August, in a shocking turn of events, Dexter was spotted in Greenfield State Park.

Volunteers with Granite State Dog Recovery set up traps and lured him with food. By Sunday morning, Dexter’s 819-day journey though the New Hampshire wilderness was over.
“I just held onto him and it was like he never left,” Drown said.


Drown says Dexter’s smile is proof he’s happy to be home, and his story should be a lesson for all of us.
“Never give up, always stay strong, and know anything is possible,” Drown said.
The volunteers at Granite State Dog Recovery tell us it took a village to bring Dexter home.

Granite State Dog Recovery (GSDR) is an all volunteer 501c3 nonprofit organization dedicated to Reuniting Lost Dog with their Families in the State of NH


Maverick German Shephard Rescued after Abuse

This heartbreaking story now looks destined for a happy ending. Maverick  a german shephard dog  chewed off his own paw to escape abuse, but he’s finally enjoying life with a loving family


A little over a year old, in July 2015  Maverick has overcome a lot in his few dog years–and deep down, his new owner, Mark Douglas, says he’s just a puppy.   The  then two-year-old German Shepherd, was taken in after he became trapped in his tether and chewed off his right rear foot. Maverick was emaciated when they took him in, and his legs were covered in scars from being trapped in the past.   His former owner, Kevin Kennedy of Middleboro, was charged with felony animal cruelty for neglect and not pursuing care for the dog.

“He’s a sweet dog,” Douglas said. “He’s got a lot of love, but he’s still puppy.”



Service Dogs Calming PTSD in Veterans

Erick Scott knows first-hand how it feels to suffer from PTSD. A veteran who served in Iraq, this husband and father came home from the fighting only to be confronted by his own demons. Refusing at first to believe the PTSD diagnosis from his doctor, it wasn’t until he heard about K9s for Warriors that he began to feel some hope.

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Scott was paired with a dog whose main role was to notify him when he started showing symptoms of PTSD. Watch the video above to see the dog’s amazing reaction when Scott gets agitated on camera.

K9’s for Warriors is a non-profit program that works to train service dogs for veterans with diagnoses like PTSD, TBI (traumatic brain injury) and MST (military sexual trauma). Veterans come to Florida from all over the country to be paired with a service dog. In fact, the need is so great that the wait list is over a year long.


In an effort to handle the growing needs of veterans, a new facility is under construction in Nocatee, Florida. This facility will be able to house up to 16 veterans at a time.

K9s for Warriors founder Shari Duval says the new complex will be the “leading PTSD recovery center” in the nation using certified service dogs. The idea is to help them find their “reset button,” Duval explains. The warriors need time to relax, but not too much idle time which can throw them into bad memories and anxiety.

The veterans live in the facility for 3 weeks, receiving personalized training with their new service dog. The idea is to give each veteran time to relax and get comfortable with their new companion before going out on their own. The veterans are not charged a penny.

K9s For Warriors is dedicated to providing service canines to our warriors suffering from Post-traumatic Stress Disability, traumatic brain injury


Hero Dachshund Saves a St. Bernard Dog

Dogs don’t just love us. They love each other animals as well   This adoreable duo  is always together    So, it should come as no suprise  that when   Jazzy a large beautiful 180lbs   9 year old  Saint Bernard , got into a losing battle with a muddy ditch, that his Razor  a small black   dachshund would not only find him, but bark relentlessly until help arrived. A passerby heard Razor going dog-crazy for Jazzy. Razor wouldn’t give up until Jazzy was safe. AMAZING!


Baby and Husky Dog Having a Conversation Cute Pet Video

What do you get when you put a very chatty baby in the same room as a very chatty Husky dog? You get the best back and forth conversation! You can clearly see the dog is happy wagging its tail and its mimicking the noises of the baby