Can Chiropractic Care Help Your Dog?

There are many benefits associated with chiropractic care for your dog. There are signs of spinal damage in your dog that you should be aware of. If your dog yelps for no apparent reason after moving be on alert. If your dog has weakness in the front legs, hunched back or spasms along his back be on alert. Another possible sign is your dogs inability to jump or problems laying down or standing.

When any of these things occur, you know there is something wrong with your best friend. Chiropractic may be able to bring relief to your dog. Chronic pain is just as unpleasant for your pet as it is for you. By relieving that pain to any degree, you will see a noticeable change in your dogs behavior and attitude.

By allowing your dogs joints to move freely and without pain, you will be providing the best care for your dog. Senior dogs are especially vulnerable to spasm, weakness, degeneration or knots in their muscles. By allowing a free flow by alignment, these symptoms will be relieved. If the bones are out of alignment, proper function is impaired. If your dog has slowed down considerably and has no desire to play or interact, it may be time to consider a chiropractic visit.

There are chiropractors specifically licensed to treat dogs. Your local AVCA can recommend one in your area. Once you make the decision and seek treatment, you will see caring treatment for your friend. A simple alignment will cause very little if any discomfort. The adjustments are made with low pressure and done with great care. It is about the same pressure one would use on an infant.

Another advantage of chiropractic care is that it is a drug-free alternative treatment. Considering this before subjecting your pet to prescription medications that will further slow them down. Chiropractic is pain free and gentle. You will find it potentially beneficial and an alternative to surgery. This is especially important in older and weak dogs.

Healing is a process. You will have to stand by your pet during that process. The cure will not be immediate and you will have to take your dog in for several treatments. If you are not a patient type and want an immediate cure, you may choose a treatment modality other than chiropractic.

A good source for your chiropractic recommendation may be your family veterinarian. If they are unfamiliar with local chiropractors. There is also the opportunity to do a web search to find a licensed chiropractor that specializes in pet care. The Animal Veterinary Chiropractic Association was founded to proved ethical chiropractors to the public. This would be the best organization to contact in the event that you have trouble finding an animal chiropractor.

Chiropractic care has long been helpful to people and it has now been helpful to dogs for the same reasons. Knowledgeable, virtually pain free, non-surgical treatment for pains that are associated with misalignment of bones in the body.

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