Bandit WARL Dog Adoption Success Story

The Worcester Animal Rescue  League shared some good news about one of their pups.    Bandit  a German Shephard had been with them for a few months  was adopted! Bandit was adopted from WARL years ago and returned late last year after his owner sadly passed away. Bandit is smiling once more, as you can see!Bandit WARL Dog Adoption Success Story


A couple of years ago I was rescued from this shelter after being separated from my previous owner. I was so grateful and enjoyed every moment with my new best friend. Unfortunately my adopter recently passed away. Family could not care for me because I do not enjoy the company of other dogs. I am an intelligent, loyal, house trained nine year old boy. I am easy going, playful, and walk well on leash. I am quiet, and love meeting new people. I am an older guy who enjoys the simple things in life. A sunny day lounging in the grass, or a lazy rainy day on the couch. I am hoping to meet someone who shares these interests. If this sounds like you, don’t wait another minute! Come visit me today!

The tricks on Bandit’s resume includes sit, stay, down, paw, speak and he will keep a treat on his nose. And at 9 years young, he’s got years of fun and love to give.

His owner shared this later on  Just an update for everyone saying all of the great things, well he has taken over the bed so he is adapting well!!

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