Donuts a Senior Dog Adoption

Our Midwest friends Susie Senior dogs shared this Happy Ending. So happy Donuts now has a furever home and family to live out the rest of his life .  He was adopted from  Ark-Valley Humane Society in Buena Vista, CO.

They shared the good news   about Donuts adoption  15994840_768517133304925_4512159392750349316_o

We are so thankful to Donuts’ new dad Matt who has taken him in to give him the best of what life has to offer, even with the understanding that Donuts time may be limited. Donuts is still in the early stages of his diagnosis but living in the shelter was very hard for him. And he didn’t want to be there any longer. Matt scooped Donuts up this weekend and they’ve already started living life as any dog would dream — chasing squirrels, long walks and man-to-man talks! 😛

Matt wrote, “He’s doing great and getting comfortable in the house. We just went on a long walk in Cheesman Park. He doesn’t act old, still chasing squirrels and full of life. He is the new mayor of Cheesman Park.” <3

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They shared his story

Donuts   is  sweet old guy is looking for a loving human who can give him a comfortable resting place for however much time he has left. Thankfully, the cancer has been caught early on and he still has a chance at living a good life. To an approved adopter (who can pick him up at the shelter, in the best interest of Donuts, no transport!), Donuts will have sponsorship towards his cancer treatment.16113306_770417026448269_6587539078765604733_o

Ark-Valley Humane Society wrote, “Unfortunately, he does have cancer and has not been adopted. 🙁 We put another plea, even just a foster, but none of our fosters are able to at this time take him. The cancer is a grade 1, so that means it’s not extremely progressed at this point. It’s a tumor on his right hind leg and it’s called hemangiopericytoma.

Donuts is an easygoing dog who has a ton of love to give. He’s a simple guy in that he doesn’t ask for much…just a loving family and a warm place to rest his head. Oh yeah, and maybe an occasional treat here and there! He enjoys taking naps and would like short walks with his humans. He has exhibited no aggressive behavior or growling, even with getting blood drawn by the vet, which is no fun for anyone.

He gets along with other dogs as long as they aren’t too high energy as they can spook him. He definitely perked up in the cat room, I couldn’t tell if it was playful or prey drive so I’d say possibly he could live with one, depending on the cat.

Donuts needs to get out of the shelter. It breaks our hearts for him to have to be here as he’s a senior and also has trouble seeing and hearing. We can only imagine the stress he’s feeling and knows what he needs now more than ever is a loving and safe home to call his own. Would you help us find a home for Donuts that will provide him the love and attention he so very much deserves?”

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