Living Room Created for Shelter Dogs to Help Destress

Shelter life can be stressful   for dogs, especially if they are stuck in their kennels all day long.

Although they’re safe, taken care of by kind staff members, and awaiting adoption or foster , it can be tough for dogs to be locked up with no comforts of home in sight.

Living Room Created for Shelter Dogs to Help Destress

Living room at the Toledo Animal Shelter

Fortunately, there are plenty of  wonderful  shelter  volunteers that go above and beyond to make sure that their dog friends are comfortable.

The Toledo Area Humane Society also took extra measures to help out their shelter dogs, creating a cool replica of a comfy living room for them to relax in.

Equipped with a recliner, rug, pillows, dresser and TV, the room helps make the dog’s life feel more normal, while giving him a chance to unwind. And one of the best parts of the room is the lamp, which allows volunteers to turn off the harsh florescent bulbs for warm, soothing lighting.

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