Oliver James A Senior Pug Rescue Adoption Love Story

We recently asked on our facebook page did Did you purposefully choose to get your dog breed or was it just random?   Julie answered  Purposely. I looked forever at shelters and rescue groups to find a pug 🙂 found a 6yr old one at the shelter finally. He’s 12 now and I am totally in love with him.  

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Julie also shared in more detail her adoption story of Oliver James and how she fell in love

I adopted my pug from Second Chance in East Brookfield MA. I had just lost my Boston terrier and was not ready to get another dog. But knew I eventually wanted a pug. I had a younger Boston still so I was just going to spend time with her even tho she was sad without her older brother. So i had decided to volunteer at the shelter with my niece and we went to orientation one Saturday morning and while they were showing us around the dog room, every dog was barking and getting excited that people were there except one little pug who was in the back of his kennel with a look on his face like “omg what is going on” So we were just staring at each other lol. He reminded me of my Boston a little he was the same way and get nervous sometimes. Once we left I could not stop thinking about him. So I filled out the application and was approved in no time. Had a meet and greet with my other dog and they got along great. He had some medical issues that they had to finish up treating (lyme, some teeth removed and he had to be neutered) once he was medically cleared he came home and it seems like he has always been with me. Everyone thought I was crazy because he was already 6yrs old but he is now 12yrs old and his only medical issue he has had was a positive mast cell tumor on his leg that Tufts removed 2yrs ago and so far so good. He has made me only want to adopt older dogs from now on. I love the seniors.

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About Second Chance Animal Shelter

We are a no-kill animal shelter located in MA. In addition to our Adoption Center, we also operate a Wellness Center Veterinary Clinic in North Brookfield as well as Springfield MA. Through our many programs, we help over 26,000 pets a year. Our programs include adoption, low cost spay/neuter, veterinary care, community outreach programs, educational outreach to schools and youth groups, training, and a pet food pantry. We have a unique innovative approach to helping animals that is revolutionizing animal welfare. Our goal is to keep pets out of shelters in the first place by providing services within the community. Our reach goes beyond MA and we help wherever we can. Our approach is to get to the root causes of animal suffering and provide the services where they are needed to help prevent homelessness, overpopulation, and suffering. We are one of only a handful of shelters across the country that are now leading animal welfare by providing subsidized veterinary care as one of our programs. This unique approach helps to keep pets from suffering in the community and providing lifesaving medical care.

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