Peggy Terrier Mix Finds Her Forever Home

Many times shelters go  above and beyond helping dogs get ready for their forever homes. When brought to this Texas    shelter ,Peggy Terrier Mix Finds Her Forever Home pet adoptionPeggy’s fluffy hair was matted and a part of a leg was missing and trying to heal itself.   She needed to have surgery the local shelter worked with the the animal hospital to  get the best care.

Peggy is now healthy and living with her new adopted family.

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Here is Peggy’s story

Peggy is just one example of the lengths shelters will go to save the life of an animal.
“What makes me happy is knowing that we have the ability to make a difference for them,” the Texas Shelter volunteer shared.

Interested in adopting a dog?  There are ,many Boston area  animal shelter or rescue group where you can l earn about volunteering with dogs and cats and what it means to foster a pet.

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