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Dougan pit bull mix pet adoption success

Dougan  a pit bull mix  is a rescued adoption success story out of Toledo Ohio area.   He came to the Toledo Area Humane Society  in December 2015  through  their  cruelty department.  He was living on a chain in a backyard with no food, shelter or water and was very shy when he came in the shelter.  Dougan pit bull mix pet adoption success

His forever family recently shared an update

I brought Dougan home and it’s been a pretty rough month. We came out on the other side in great shape though. He’s still not thrilled with my daughter, but will lay in the same room finally. He still feels more comfortable in his crate than roaming the house, and doesn’t want to go for walks. He will, however, prance around the yard like a tail-wagging rabbit at 2 in the morning! He’s finally eating 2 meals a day, I’m still trying to push it to 3, but he doesn’t seem interested. One way or another, I’m gonna get rid of those pokey ribs!! He finally started coming out of the crate on his own when I let him out in the morning, and still jumps through his skin at every bump or knock (I’m tremendously clumsy), but he recovers a lot faster! I’m so happy to have met him and every day gets a little better. Thank you for bringing us together!”

Look at local shelters for their pets if you are considetring adoption, we also add pet adoption events to our the dog calendar.

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Living Room Created for Shelter Dogs to Help Destress

Shelter life can be stressful   for dogs, especially if they are stuck in their kennels all day long.

Although they’re safe, taken care of by kind staff members, and awaiting adoption or foster , it can be tough for dogs to be locked up with no comforts of home in sight.

Living Room Created for Shelter Dogs to Help Destress

Living room at the Toledo Animal Shelter

Fortunately, there are plenty of  wonderful  shelter  volunteers that go above and beyond to make sure that their dog friends are comfortable.

The Toledo Area Humane Society also took extra measures to help out their shelter dogs, creating a cool replica of a comfy living room for them to relax in.

Equipped with a recliner, rug, pillows, dresser and TV, the room helps make the dog’s life feel more normal, while giving him a chance to unwind. And one of the best parts of the room is the lamp, which allows volunteers to turn off the harsh florescent bulbs for warm, soothing lighting.

Make sure you consider adding a shelter dog when adding to your family, check out our calendar page as well check out below for some pet adoption successs stories.

Maverick German Shephard Rescued after Abuse

This heartbreaking story now looks destined for a happy ending. Maverick  a german shephard dog  chewed off his own paw to escape abuse, but he’s finally enjoying life with a loving family


A little over a year old, in July 2015  Maverick has overcome a lot in his few dog years–and deep down, his new owner, Mark Douglas, says he’s just a puppy.   The  then two-year-old German Shepherd, was taken in after he became trapped in his tether and chewed off his right rear foot. Maverick was emaciated when they took him in, and his legs were covered in scars from being trapped in the past.   His former owner, Kevin Kennedy of Middleboro, was charged with felony animal cruelty for neglect and not pursuing care for the dog.

“He’s a sweet dog,” Douglas said. “He’s got a lot of love, but he’s still puppy.”



Marley Afghan Golden Retriever Mix Dog Adoption Success

Consider adopting a dog when you are looking to add to your family. NECN and Windham County Humane Society in Vermont shatred this happy story of Marley and Diane.

“It was instantaneous,”, recalling how she fell in love at first sight last year with Marley, an Afghan-golden retriever mix. “He looked very joyful.”

Leardi remembers Marley was extending his front paws, with their Muppet-like appearance, toward her from underneath the door of a pen at the Windham County Humane Society in Brattleboro.

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To Diane, it sure felt like Marley was picking her, just asking to be taken home.marley

“He’s very good for me, and I think I’m very good for him,” Leardi told necn.
Since adopting Marley last year, the psychotherapist brings him with her to her private practice. When he’s not playing, Marley’s calm, Leardi said, so her clients really enjoy him.

“We always love a ‘Diane and Marley’ ending,” said Annie Guion, the executive director of the Windham County Humane Society.
Guion acknowledged, like any relationship, a pet adoption does take work. For example, Leardi was surprised to learn Marley really can’t be off a leash, or he’ll chase critters. That’s something her past dogs wouldn’t do.

“You have to work it out,” Leardi said.
The two did work it out, and are now inseparable, the pet parent beamed.
However, Guion said occasionally, people and pets turn out to be incompatible, despite her facility’s best efforts at working to identify a strong match.
“We really appreciate the pet owners that go the extra distance,” Guion said. “But we also make sure people don’t feel ashamed or guilty if they have to bring the animal back.”

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Olaf Golden Retriever Pet Adoption Success

Olaf a beautiful golden retriever  is a sweet success  pet adoption story from the New England area recscue organization   Labrador Retriever Rescue. Pet adoption is a great way to grow your family and we are happy to share

The rescue organization shared a few pictures of Olaf  who is a young and energentic dog!!  Olaf Golden Retriever  Pet  Adoption Success

Do you have room for Olaf in your life ? This 2 yr old boy with the happy heart needs an active family. He loves kids, other dogs, but will chase cats. He is a busy boy, but loves to please, has had some training and is UTD. This boy is one sweet guy !

A few weeks later the Labrador Retriever Rescue shared that Olaf had a new home.

Olaf, our golden nugget, has found a new home. He’ll be bringing his sunny disposition oceanside on the Cape where he’ll have endless hours swimming, boating + being a great family member
With lots of exercise and routine, he’ll mature into the happy, social Lab everyone loves. We love you Olaf !



About Labrador Retriever Rescue 

Labrador Retriever Rescue serves only Maine, Massachusetts, New Hampshire, Rhode Island, and Vermont. Labs come into our program only from these states and may be adopted into homes only within this area.

The reason for this restriction is simple: Because we provide hands-on evaluation, care, and follow-up, we need to be within reasonable geographic range of our Labs.

For example, all adopters receive a home study to ensure proper placement. In addition, our Labs are fostered in natural family settings before they’re adopted to help with the evaluation and placement process. Finally, although it’s very rarely necessary, we will take back a Lab if the adoption doesn’t work out. For all of these reasons, we need our Labs and their adoptive homes to be within driving distance.

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