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Wash’n Zip Pet & Dog Bed Giveaway August 2016

The Wash’n Zip Pet Bed is one of those amazing beds that can be washed, and used over, and over. This ultimately saves you a lot of money because you don’t have to keep buying new beds. This bed has multiple uses – car seat covers, crate pads, furniture throw, blanket (for you and your pet).Wash’n Zip Pet & Dog Bed Giveaway August 2016

One lucky person will win a Wash’n Zip Pet Bed! Giveaway ends on
Winner can choose the color and size.


Enter this Giveaway  by August 29th

You can also buy your own at Amazon 

Check out some of the reviews

The design is a great idea. It unzips completely to open up so it can be cleaned. I expected it to be a little denser or fluffier. I feel it’s overpriced for the quality. Should be a little more dense to provide more comfort to animal.

This is my second “WashnZip” pet bed. I just purchased the small, have had the large size for about a year now and it looks brand new! Very well made and sturdy, beautiful material, both are the animal print top with thick canvas bottom. My dogs love them and appear to rest very comfortably on them.

I do animal rescue and have bought several in large and extra large at the advice of a trainer. I LOVE them :(. I have had them almost 2 years and they are washed and used A LOT. I will say a rambunctious hound was able to tear one up around the seams, but it is still usable and has not come apart in the wash, even though she got at it. I came on here to order them & figured I would write a review but I really believe these are the best ever. I can throw the entire bed in even if doggie accidents of any kind, or if just get dirty. Any others you have to pray whatever happened did not leak through to the inside. I love I can open it up or double it up. Highly recommend. I will purchase the smaller size now.

Over the course of having my dog, I’ve gone through cheapo beds and your high end Kong beds….and they always end up being difficult to wash or the padding falls apart over time. This bed is the exact opposite. My dog LOVES the bed to death a