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Oliver James A Senior Pug Rescue Adoption Love Story

We recently asked on our facebook page did Did you purposefully choose to get your dog breed or was it just random?   Julie answered  Purposely. I looked forever at shelters and rescue groups to find a pug 🙂 found a 6yr old one at the shelter finally. He’s 12 now and I am totally in love with him.  

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Julie also shared in more detail her adoption story of Oliver James and how she fell in love

I adopted my pug from Second Chance in East Brookfield MA. I had just lost my Boston terrier and was not ready to get another dog. But knew I eventually wanted a pug. I had a younger Boston still so I was just going to spend time with her even tho she was sad without her older brother. So i had decided to volunteer at the shelter with my niece and we went to orientation one Saturday morning and while they were showing us around the dog room, every dog was barking and getting excited that people were there except one little pug who was in the back of his kennel with a look on his face like “omg what is going on” So we were just staring at each other lol. He reminded me of my Boston a little he was the same way and get nervous sometimes. Once we left I could not stop thinking about him. So I filled out the application and was approved in no time. Had a meet and greet with my other dog and they got along great. He had some medical issues that they had to finish up treating (lyme, some teeth removed and he had to be neutered) once he was medically cleared he came home and it seems like he has always been with me. Everyone thought I was crazy because he was already 6yrs old but he is now 12yrs old and his only medical issue he has had was a positive mast cell tumor on his leg that Tufts removed 2yrs ago and so far so good. He has made me only want to adopt older dogs from now on. I love the seniors.

(check out the calendar for local shelters offering adoption days )

About Second Chance Animal Shelter

We are a no-kill animal shelter located in MA. In addition to our Adoption Center, we also operate a Wellness Center Veterinary Clinic in North Brookfield as well as Springfield MA. Through our many programs, we help over 26,000 pets a year. Our programs include adoption, low cost spay/neuter, veterinary care, community outreach programs, educational outreach to schools and youth groups, training, and a pet food pantry. We have a unique innovative approach to helping animals that is revolutionizing animal welfare. Our goal is to keep pets out of shelters in the first place by providing services within the community. Our reach goes beyond MA and we help wherever we can. Our approach is to get to the root causes of animal suffering and provide the services where they are needed to help prevent homelessness, overpopulation, and suffering. We are one of only a handful of shelters across the country that are now leading animal welfare by providing subsidized veterinary care as one of our programs. This unique approach helps to keep pets from suffering in the community and providing lifesaving medical care.

You can view pets available for adoption here from Second Chance

If you want to share your pet adoption story, please send us a message on facebook!

Olive Beautiful Senior Dog Helps Completes her Owner’s Life

Susie Senior Dogs shared the story of Olive, a beautiful senior dog who has been a much needed companion to  her owner Andrea.    Andrea has found out that  the love of an old dog is a very special kind of love; a love that not many are fortunate enough to know in their own lifetime. Olive Beautiful Senior Dog Helps Completes her  Owner's Life


This is Olive. I’ve wanted to tell you all about her for a while now, but it’s so hard to put into words just what she means to my family and, more importantly, how she’s changed our lives. We met Olive just two months after having said goodbye to my first ‘adult’ dog Rocky- he’d been my companion through a deep depression, the death of a sibling at age 22, and the hardest part of my educational career. He was five or so when I adopted him and his calm demeanor had been the most welcome presence in my life. Six years later, he would develop a mental problem that made him aggressive toward even his closest person (me). I wasn’t sure if we’d ever recover from the emotional trauma that surrounded his departure. But our lives were empty and our house was quiet.

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One of our local shelters was at the forefront for pairing dogs with families that matched their dispositions. (check out the calendar for local shelters offering adoption days )
Olive’s face came up and, after reading her bio, I hoped deep down that we would be a match. ‘Let’s just go see if anyone clicks with us!’ was my gateway line. One visit and I was hooked, but the husband needed convincing. Olive had severe arthritis in one of her knees and it kept her to very short walks and not much other activity. But she was so sweet to the folks at the shelter (raining kisses on everyone) and her demeanor was just so youthful and enthusiastic, I couldn’t get her out of my head.
Olive Beautiful Senior Dog Helps Completes her  Owner's LifeThe timing was terrible- my husband’s grandfather passed away the day we met her and he was soon on a cross-country flight for the funeral. I followed a few days later, but not without visiting her multiple times daily, walking and chatting to her about how things were about to change. The morning I arrived back in town, I was waiting at the shelter door when they opened. She rode home in my lap and has refused to leave my side ever since.
At first, she could barely make it around the block- her arthritis was very progressed for her age (10 or so). After some expert consults, we were able to get her on a pain management regimen, feed her nutritional and joint supplemental food, and even began acupuncture!
We realized early on that our time with her would not be as long as we wanted. She showed an intense enthusiasm for exploring- seeing new places and smelling new smells. We made it our goal to show her as much of the world as we could. Five years later, and she’s seen more of WA / OR / CA than I had in the 28 years before I knew her. We go on ‘just us girls’ trips often, camping in the woods, or cozying up at her favorite beach. She gets me up with the sun, eager to go out and explore more. She gently suggests that we get outside on even the soggiest of PNW days. When my migraines have me laid up in bed for hours or even days, she’s by my side. She’s made some ‘best dog friends’ in our neighborhood, which means we now know our neighbors better! She is the antidote to my shy, antisocial, seasonally-bummed, lazy self. I’d do anything to get her tail waggin’.
One of the great joys of my life thus far has been watch her blossom, gaining confidence to assert her wishes and show us the things she likes. While she may be slowing down, having a difficult time enjoying everything she used to, we’ve committed to making her life a full and happy one as long as we can. We bought a bike trailer to make the trip up to the local coffee shop (she used to make it with ease). We found a backpack to carry her in for hikes (for a while, five miles was doable- a miraculous transformation from her early days). We’ve built ramps to all of the furniture and she even sleeps in the bed now (who could resist a little old lady like her!) Through it all, her spirit has been resilient and simply happy.
She has changed our lives and I can only hope she knows just how loved she is.

Snickers the Stray Dog Find a New Home

A  family united a with a new family member!   Snickers is a five-year-old female who was more than ready for a new home after being the in the  Saratoga County Animal Shelter  for several years and was featured n the  local news  Snickers the Stray Dog Find a New Home pet adoption

Snickers is a such a pretty girl. She has been with us for awhile at the Saratoga County Animal Shelter. She loves her walks, squeaky toys & one on one time spent with people. Especially her favorite volunteers! Although she has come along way with other dogs she may be best in an only dog home. Since she came to us as a stray we do not know about her previous life. Please stop at the shelter & talk with an adoption counselor to find out more about our Snickers.

Saratoga County Animal Shelter Shared  the  adoption announcement

Snickers the Stray Dog Find a New Home pet adoptionWe are very excited to announce that our beloved Snickers has found a forever home! Snickers came to the shelter quite some time ago and hit a chord with nearly every volunteer and staff member she encountered. Snickers new home now consist of a doggie sister and loving parents!

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We would like to send a thank you out to all of our volunteers who worked with Snickers during her stay at the shelter. A special thank you goes out to WRGB CBS 6 News, Albany Heather Kovar who was gracious enough to feature Snickers in a segment leading to her adoption! Snickers the Stray Dog Find a New Home pet adoption

Look at local shelters for their pets if you are considering adoption, we also add pet adoption events to our the dog calendar.

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Maddie WARL Dog Adoption Happy Ending

Adopting a pet is a great way to add to your pet family! Worcester Animal recently shared the story of Maddie who was adopted after spending time in the shelter.  Maddie  WARL Dog Adoption Happy Ending pet

Here is Maddie’s story

 This six year old  rottweiler girl was brought into the shelter when her owner was suddenly relocated and unable to bring her. Maddie is used to living alone with one person. Besides her beautiful look, Maddie has an adorable and playful personality. When She arrived at the shelter it was clear that she was a little “different.” When she walks she has very exaggerated steps, sometimes she looses her balance and sometimes she falls down. Our veterinary’s here think Maddie has been experiencing this for a long time and may have sort of neurological disorder. This does not slow her down from enjoying life to the fullest! The best home for his sweetheart will be a quiet and relaxed home with no other animals and no small children. If you think Maddie may be a good fit for your family, come down and meet this beauty.

Maddie, Rotti   mix   did find her new home recently and is adjusting

Maddie  WARL Dog Adoption Happy Ending pet

We had a good first night!! She is eating and seems comfortable. Trouble with the hard wood floor but she’ll adjust I think. She def has her own personality and will growl if you are too touchy feely but that’s her way!! Love her

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About Worcester Animal Rescue League

Since our founding in 1912, the Worcester Animal Rescue League (WARL) has been dedicated to the care of the animals who provide so much for their human companions.

Founded initially by a group of women determined to save overworked and abused farm horses, WARL’s services have expanded and changed to protect, care, and love our cats and dogs throughout Central Massachusetts. Our staff and volunteers are dedicated champions to this cause and act as caretakers for the animals and educators to their human counterparts. We also work with foster homes, rescue groups, and other shelters nationwide to place animals in the best possible environment.

Without your support, however, nothing we do would be possible. WARL is a non-profit organization and your donations of money, time, supplies, homes, and love are vital to our cause and the lives of the animals in our care. Our sincerest thanks.

Worcester Animal Rescue League is committed to making adoption a success for both the adopter and the animal.Your safety and the safety, happiness and well-being of our shelter animals are our top priority.

When you are ready to adopt, you will receive your adoption folder, where we’ve enclosed tips, tricks and solutions to the most common issues people face with new pets. Feel free to call the shelter at 508-853-0030 or email us with any questions!

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Peggy Terrier Mix Finds Her Forever Home

Many times shelters go  above and beyond helping dogs get ready for their forever homes. When brought to this Texas    shelter ,Peggy Terrier Mix Finds Her Forever Home pet adoptionPeggy’s fluffy hair was matted and a part of a leg was missing and trying to heal itself.   She needed to have surgery the local shelter worked with the the animal hospital to  get the best care.

Peggy is now healthy and living with her new adopted family.

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Here is Peggy’s story

Peggy is just one example of the lengths shelters will go to save the life of an animal.
“What makes me happy is knowing that we have the ability to make a difference for them,” the Texas Shelter volunteer shared.

Interested in adopting a dog?  There are ,many Boston area  animal shelter or rescue group where you can l earn about volunteering with dogs and cats and what it means to foster a pet.

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