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Donuts a Senior Dog Adoption

Our Midwest friends Susie Senior dogs shared this Happy Ending. So happy Donuts now has a furever home and family to live out the rest of his life .  He was adopted from  Ark-Valley Humane Society in Buena Vista, CO.

They shared the good news   about Donuts adoption  15994840_768517133304925_4512159392750349316_o

We are so thankful to Donuts’ new dad Matt who has taken him in to give him the best of what life has to offer, even with the understanding that Donuts time may be limited. Donuts is still in the early stages of his diagnosis but living in the shelter was very hard for him. And he didn’t want to be there any longer. Matt scooped Donuts up this weekend and they’ve already started living life as any dog would dream — chasing squirrels, long walks and man-to-man talks! 😛

Matt wrote, “He’s doing great and getting comfortable in the house. We just went on a long walk in Cheesman Park. He doesn’t act old, still chasing squirrels and full of life. He is the new mayor of Cheesman Park.” <3

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They shared his story

Donuts   is  sweet old guy is looking for a loving human who can give him a comfortable resting place for however much time he has left. Thankfully, the cancer has been caught early on and he still has a chance at living a good life. To an approved adopter (who can pick him up at the shelter, in the best interest of Donuts, no transport!), Donuts will have sponsorship towards his cancer treatment.16113306_770417026448269_6587539078765604733_o

Ark-Valley Humane Society wrote, “Unfortunately, he does have cancer and has not been adopted. 🙁 We put another plea, even just a foster, but none of our fosters are able to at this time take him. The cancer is a grade 1, so that means it’s not extremely progressed at this point. It’s a tumor on his right hind leg and it’s called hemangiopericytoma.

Donuts is an easygoing dog who has a ton of love to give. He’s a simple guy in that he doesn’t ask for much…just a loving family and a warm place to rest his head. Oh yeah, and maybe an occasional treat here and there! He enjoys taking naps and would like short walks with his humans. He has exhibited no aggressive behavior or growling, even with getting blood drawn by the vet, which is no fun for anyone.

He gets along with other dogs as long as they aren’t too high energy as they can spook him. He definitely perked up in the cat room, I couldn’t tell if it was playful or prey drive so I’d say possibly he could live with one, depending on the cat.

Donuts needs to get out of the shelter. It breaks our hearts for him to have to be here as he’s a senior and also has trouble seeing and hearing. We can only imagine the stress he’s feeling and knows what he needs now more than ever is a loving and safe home to call his own. Would you help us find a home for Donuts that will provide him the love and attention he so very much deserves?”

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Ramsey a Senior Dog Collie Rescue

Our Midwest friends Susie Senior dogs shared this Happy Ending. So happy Ramsey aka Jumbo  now has a furever home and family to live out The Good Life.  ramsey

Here is Ramsey’s story

Meet 10 year old Jumbo!!! He’s one of the six dogs moving north to Big Sky Ranch Animal Sanctuary in Canada this weekend and we just picked him up!
95 pound Jumbo is a smooth-coat collie (mix) who is intelligent, goofy, gentle and in need of a good grooming. He was originally found as a stray in Atlanta and now he can’t wait to start this new northern adventure and find his Good Life for his golden years.
“Come on, let’s go!!” says Jumbo!

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And a recent update

Remember heartworm positive , senior dog Ramsey (fka Jumbo)? He was a stray dog at a train station who landed in a city shelter in Georgia. He then moved to Canada, was adopted by Kaitlyn a couple of months ago and has been thriving ever since!
Kaitlyn brought 8 year old Ramsey home knowing that he had tested positive for heartworm and that he would require special care. This week Ramsey started his treatment under vet supervision and we are so happy to report he has successfully made it through round one!! Two more sessions for big boy Ramsey, and with the care of his amazing family we know he is going to do just great!13051656_615606828595957_4600610448608493571_n
Kaitlyn wrote, “Ramsey seems much more himself today. He’s more energetic (although, as always, still laid back) and he’s eating well. He’s only allowed short pee breaks, and he needs them often, but we went out and enjoyed some sunshine today. I love seeing his face when he smells the breeze.
The day at the vet’s slowed him down, and I think the pills really affect him so the double dose of injections in 30 days will be a trial. But the end is in sight!
Also – he hasn’t lost weight like I thought, he’s stayed about the same. But the vet said that’s good considering the prednisone can make him gain weight. That’s the best we can ask for at the moment!”

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Callie a Senior Dog Pet Adoption Success

Most dogs in shelters and rescues have been there anywhere from a few days to several months.  Callie. a senior black lab  was in foster care with Broken Tails Rescue  for over 2 years  and finally adopted in December 2015.   Callie a Senior Dog Pet  Adoption Success

Hi, I’m Callie and I’m living at Broken Tail Rescue, Inc. in Lunenburg, Mass., where the vet thinks I’m around 10 years old.
Now, we were talking about love, right? Let me tell you about it!
I LOVE walks and hikes… and I also LOVE hanging out indoors, playing with my toys and cuddling with you!
I also LOVE going for car rides, and learning new things – my foster mom says I’m super-smart! Since coming to live with her, I’ve learned “sit,” “stay,” “down,” how to ring a bell when I need to go outside, and how to balance her checkbook.
(One of those things isn’t true… can you guess which one?)
I wish I could say I love other pets, but I probably should be an only pet.
You can talk about that with my friends, or set up a meeting, if you email info@brokentailrescue.org. I’d sure LOVE that!
Love, Callie

Broken Tails did a great You Tube video Callie

Here is their great news

After over 27 months in foster care, we are happy to announce that Callie has been adopted. We have waited to make this wonderful annoucement to make sure that the adoption would stick and it looks like Callie is finally in her forever home. We will miss you Callie but we know you are off to better adventures with a family of your own who will spoil you.

A note from Callies new mama

Great big thank you to Broken Tail Rescue and especially Callie’s wonderful foster mother for all of her help in transitioning Callie into my home. Callie is a sweet girl and a giant mush and I’m so happy to have her join my home. Thank you!!! Thank you also for all of the wonderful love and support here.

What is Broken Tail Rescue?

Broken Tail Rescue, Inc. is a 501(c)(3) nonprofit animal rescue organization run by a group of dedicated volunteers in Massachusetts. We save dogs and cats from euthanasia and find them loving, happy homes. We focus on local animals in the New England area primarily but we also assist southern dogs as well when space permits. If you are looking to adopt a dog or cat, look no further!

Help Broken Tail Rescue Save More Animals by Fostering!

Because Broken Tail Rescue does not have a shelter, we rely solely on our foster home network to provide a safe and stable temporary home to get them ready for adoption. It’s simple: the more people who open their homes for fostering, the more animals we can save. It’s a rewarding way to give to our organization and it’s a critical part of what we do. Most importantly, it’s fun! For more information please visit our volunteer page.

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Thor a Senior Dog Adoption Happy Ending

Adopting a senior dog makes you an awesome person says one senior adoption dog rescuer.  We love sharing Happy Adoption stories but Senior  dog adoption stories are even more special.  Scituate Animal Shelter recently shared this update.  Thor a Senior Dog Adoption Happy Ending

Thor, a very healthy senior, 13 yr old lab had experienced enough in his recent past that it’s a miracle he hasn’t lost his smile. Thor originally came into the shelter when his beloved owner passed away.
At first, Thor struggled and who could blame him. He made incredible strides though and was ready to find his new, forever home.
Drumroll, please!

Thor was officially adopted by his new family this weekend after a trial visit. Our handsome senior guy is living in Hingham with his new mom and 2 adult human siblings. We’re so happy for Thor and his new family!

Scituate Animal Shelter

A bequest from Eleanor Haughey, a Scituate resident and quiet supporter of the Friends of the Scituate Shelter, Inc. made the dream of the Scituate Animal Shelter a reality! Through her legacy, funds were made available for the 1992 construction of a no-kill shelter, first located on a town parcel on the Driftway and lovingly named the Eleanor R. Haughey Animal Shelter.

As the Shelter grew, it became necessary to expand from our humble beginnings on the Driftway. Through the compassion, generosity, hard work and drive of all of our wonderful supporters and volunteers, we were able to relocate to our current address at 780 Chief Justice Cushing Highway (Rt. 3A) in Scituate, Massachusetts.

If you are looking to adopt

We provide exceptional guidance in helping you to select the right pet for you and your family. Our Shelter Director knows each animal “personally” and will get to know you too! This way, we create the best fit for both the new owner and the animal. Our ultimate goal is to match the right animal with the right “forever family”.

Our animals have been thoroughly screened. Every animal goes home with all medical records received during his/her time at the shelter, and many come with previous veterinary records which are forwarded to the new owner. All cats and kittens over 6 months of age are spayed or neutered, vaccinated against rabies and distemper, and screened for FIV and FELV, in addition, all felines are de-wormed and de-flea’d. Dogs and puppies over 6 months of age are spayed or neutered, vaccinated against rabies and distemper, and are screened for heartworm. In addition, our dogs’ behavior and temperament is professionally evaluated by our trainer. Every dog has a “report card” which highlights the animal’s personality and some considerations for a new owner. To help you find the best fit, we advise you on categories like energy level, leash manners, how they react to children, cats and other dogs. Each animal that is adopted from our shelter goes home with a free bag of Science Diet pet food.

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Natasha and Ollie A Senior Dog Adoption Story

Today we’re meeting Natasha and Ollie for a very interesting pet adoption story. Natasha managed to make her adoption of Ollie work, even though it was awkward timing and she was about to go away. Here’s their story:

When I met Ollie, I was not looking to adopt (although I’m always kind of looking to adopt) another dog. Two days before I was scheduled to leave for eight weeks of training. I stopped by a specialty pet store to visit a friend where there was an adoption event going on with tons of adorable puppies. (There are a lot of local rescue organizations in the Boston area that have regular adoption events) 

As I was waiting for my friend, I saw that there was an older dog, sitting quietly and patiently near the puppy area. I moved closer to her and asked if I could pet her, and when given the go-ahead, I crouched down and we made eye contact. That was it. I knew she was mine.

I asked her foster mom a few questions, but knew that they were never going to give a dog to someone who was leaving for two months! I left for training but a week later, I still could not get her out of my head. I contacted the rescue organization to see if we could work something out, and after another week of phone interviews, emails and conversations, they said her foster mom could keep her until I returned!

She had been with the rescue for a long time because she was a “special needs” dog – she had been found left outside and tethered by her hind leg, which had to be amputated. As soon as I returned home, I started getting my dog, Oscar, ready for his new sister. He is very sweet and confident and I knew he would do well with another dog – and I hoped she would do well with him too.

When I picked Ollie up to bring her home, I was so happy with how great she was in the car. We road-trip a lot so it was very exciting to see that she was already somewhat acclimated to being in a car. When she and Oscar met for the first time, they immediately started playing. I knew that was a good sign so I left the room for a minute, and when I came back they were snuggling together in one of Oscar’s dog beds (even though they each had a separate one!).

In our home, Ollie is such an amazing addition – she is well mannered, easy to train, housebroken and is a fantastic buddy for Oscar. Our challenges came into play when there were OTHER dogs or small children. She would become very upset, lunging and barking at them and would turn a simple walk into a stressful ordeal.

As a rescue dog, I knew that I could never fully know or understand her past but we decided to start giving her great new experiences. Some of my friends who had children would (safely) bring their children over to interact with Ollie. We also organized play dates with confident, non-aggressive dogs who were about her same size. It took us several months but eventually she was much happier and confident and would be less reactive when she encountered something new.

Ollie is such an amazing dog and I am inspired by her resilience. She is a great example of the “it takes a village” concept too – many friends and family members all joined in to help make sure she could be less stressed and just enjoy being a dog.

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