Abused Rescue Lab Dog becomes a Therapy Dog

I love happy endings get the tissues out for this happy ending.

Abused and neglected, Molly was overfed food that caused an allergic reaction. Her family couldn’t afford the necessary medical expenses to make her better, and her conditions went untreated for months. One infection turned into another, and by the time she was taken in by a local lab rescue organization   the dog  was on the verge of dying.  she was also suffering from a cancerous lump on her neck. “

It took Molly the dog  three months for her to  recover — she had staph and yeast infections treated and a surgery for her cancer — but she’s now in remission from her cancer and has been adopted by a loving forever home. Better yet, however, is what she’s doing with her second chance at life. Molly has become a service dog who helps with therapy for cancer patients