JJ the Therapy Dog at the Hospice Center

This beautiful video shows the power and compassion of a therapy dog at a hospice center in Oregon. “JJ” is comforting a woman who was dying, and who had no family.

Here are some stories about dogs visiting nursing homes and hospice providing “therapy”

Whether you believe it or not, your amazing grace is a therapy dog. Animals are very therapeutic. My dog baby stayed on the bed right next to my mom right to the end . I just was heartbroken when mom left our home that night, baby was so confused and went through quite a depression. I’d never witnessed an animal going through depression when a loved one passes til then, broke my heart.

My mom is in a nursing home in New Jersey. The “therapy” dogs come every Monday without fail to visit the residents. Their smiles are priceless!!! (And I bring my “Amazing Grace” with me. She’s not a therapy dig, but she brings smiles and happiness to my mom and other residents.)

When my Dad was in hospice I brought our dog (who he called his Grand-Dogger) to see him daily. He just lit up when he saw her. And no matter the pain or frustration of his day, she brought him such comfort. And she would snuggle right up on him and give him kisses. She knew he needed the extra love. She was with him right until the end

JJ  the Therapy Dog at the Hospice Center