Maverick German Shephard Rescued after Abuse

This heartbreaking story now looks destined for a happy ending. Maverick  a german shephard dog  chewed off his own paw to escape abuse, but he’s finally enjoying life with a loving family


A little over a year old, in July 2015  Maverick has overcome a lot in his few dog years–and deep down, his new owner, Mark Douglas, says he’s just a puppy.   The  then two-year-old German Shepherd, was taken in after he became trapped in his tether and chewed off his right rear foot. Maverick was emaciated when they took him in, and his legs were covered in scars from being trapped in the past.   His former owner, Kevin Kennedy of Middleboro, was charged with felony animal cruelty for neglect and not pursuing care for the dog.

“He’s a sweet dog,” Douglas said. “He’s got a lot of love, but he’s still puppy.”