Service Dogs Cuddling In Bed Cute Pet Video

Dogs are very  affectionate animals  always want to cuddle and like!  Especially  the Briard breed of dogs which are know for a heart of gold wrapped in fur.

Service dogs  a new puppy Bella and her dad  Aragorn were taking a break after attending an autism conference and decided to take a quick nap in the hotel room . The two dogs jumped right up on the bed and Aragorn wrapped his paw around puppy Bella.  Such a beautiful site

Briards  Breeds  have been used in a variety of service and therapy roles to help those with disabilities and comfort those in hospitals, schools and retirement communities. Briards are also being trained as Autism Service Dogs and PTSD Service Dogs for both adults and children. With their keen intelligence, tactile coat interaction, and loyalty, they make a huge difference in the quality of life for those with disabilities or in recovery.