Wicked Pissa Dog Show Episode 4 from Plymouth MA

Here is Episode 4    “The World Recocrd ”  of the Wicked Pissa Dog Show featuring Liam Murphy  dog trainer, dog fitness expert, and owner of Canine Fitness in Plymouth, MA.    They are trying to get this show on TV right now it is youtube! So share this page with your friends so they can get more exposure!

A nice fall  hike (Liam doesn’t like the summer) takes a crazy turn when Liam finds himself rushing Bruno, the bulldog pup who is lethargic  , to see  local veterinarian Dr. Norm Stillman. After learning that this pup is going to need some help, Liam whips up a world record setting idea to help out. his one documents Liam’s attempt at breaking the Guinness World Record for dog walking. It took place at Plymouth’s Barktoberfest in October.

1 Man, 1 Leash, 36 Dogs!!! Yes, it was as crazy as it sounds.
Meet new Dog walker Kaylee as well.

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